Improsvjetljenja – Impronedjeljci (I/mpro/lluminations – Impro/mondays)

Wonderful Industry

11.02.2009 · Posted in najava/announcement

WISometimes scary, sometimes ironic, sometimes psychedelic but always elegant and educational relationship of inner world and outside technology specified in rhymes such as: “I want to have sexual relationship with Bill Gatess”, or using actively usually a passive digital recorder that made mistakes and self-edited cuts. This one is a compilation of two sessions recorded at the “Silence Reservoir” venue in Zagreb, Croatia by Impromondays crew:
Dragan Pajic – Pajo: noises, prepared piano, vocals, el. guitar and effects;
Anna Ghallo: poetry, vocals with effects;
Kruno Jošt: el.guitar with effects, laptop, prepared instruments.

Recorded summer 2008.
GentleJunk co. NetLabel release ‘09
Time: 30 min.

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